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EZBET Profession Pillar


Profession Sustainable Development Pillar

Skilled craftsmen are currently facing a variety of challenges in Egypt generally and in informal settlements specifically. As a result, youth often stop pursuing crafts and seek out simpler jobs that require little or no skills. This leads to the gradual disappearance of many important and rare skills, which in turn threatens the sustainability of part of the economic system of the community. EZBET’s main aim is serving the community, and profession is a vital element in this mission. The project's main goals in profession development are based on the analysis of the most important issues facing professions in Egypt.

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Complementing technical education, vocational training and initiating progressive learning programs for supporting different skills. 

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Rehabilitation of workshops in order to be better suited to achieve the required goals and to provide a higher quality service.

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Surveying the area in order to make an inventory of the locations and of specialities of the existing workshops, plan for their development and facilitate the communication between the client and the craftsman.

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Raise awareness for higher product standards and better quality control.

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Supporting compulsory primary and middle school education and creating a productive educational environment for the local residents.

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Raising awareness for methods and techniques of industrial safety in order to protect workers and craftsmen from occupational and environmental hazards.

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Raising awareness for health related occupational risks and how to avoid them.

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Providing technical training for specific tasks in a way that is appropriate for the skill level of the worker or craftsman.

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Creating designated locations for workshops and sheds within neighbourhoods in order to provide work opportunities for the skilled craftsmen of those neighbourhoods.

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Integrating the less skilled workers and unskilled workers into the networks of skilled workers so that they can BENEFIT from each other.

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Working towards abolishing child labour.

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