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EZBET Health Pillar


Health Sustainable Development Pillar

Only healthy individuals can be productive individuals. Unfortunately effective, affordable and sustainable healthcare is not within easy reach to many. EZBET’s aim is not only to help ensure accessibility to affordable and sustainable medical care to all, but also to empower individuals in the community by educating them on how to take care of their health. The projects goals are based accordingly.

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Ensuring accessibility to affordable and sustainable medical care units and raising awareness for the dangers of using medication without first consultating of a member of the medical profession.

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Providing training for basic first aid techniques including illustrating the proper method of administering IM and SC injections to better enable primary care givers at home.

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Conducting house visits in order to study the relationship between health and living conditions, in addition to the health risks associated with living with unvaccinated animals.

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Studying and assessing the accessibility of streets and public areas to those with special abilities in order to facilitate integrating them into the community.

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Teaching children the basics of dental care and oral hygiene and training them to “brush properly” through X concepts that are simple and appealing to their age.

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Holding information sessions about the importance of safe garbage disposal as well as the dangers of handling untreated sewage, emphasizing how these are a source of numerous infectious diseases.

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Holding interactive information sessions to emphasize the importance of general and personal hygiene and their importance to good health.

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Encouraging planting trees and other plants especially in open spaces to improve air quality and hence improve general health.

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Holding interactive activities and workshops to explain and promote the importance of a balanced diet to health and it’s relation to several non communicable diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

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Promoting the benefits of regular daily exercise and its correlation with mental health and productivity.

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Introducing simple methods to filter water from impurities using everyday materials as well as holding information sessions to explain/promote the importance of using clean water for everyday activities and potable water for drinking with special emphasis on “staying hydrated” and its importance to health.

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