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Abo El-Soud School Makeover Competition

The Abu El-Soud School Makeover Competition Registration has begun, Get your places now. For further inquiries and details, click here.

Ezbet project is pleased to invite undergraduate students from Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design & Planning Departments from Egyptian Universities to take part in the “student” landscape design competition “Abu El-Soud School Makeover”, in the informal settlement of Ezbet Abo Qarn, Cairo, Egypt. The competition is an Undergraduate Student Competition that call for a “Makeover and Rehabilitation for Abu El-Soud Primary School”. The competition aims to make up-grading and renovation integrated interventions of the school of Abu El-Soud. The final landscape designs should foster the local, low-cost, environmental and high-quality indoor and outdoor spaces concepts. __________________________________


Over 1400 children in the school of Ezbet Abu-Qarn suffer from bad quality of learning environment. With an average of 60 children per classroom, the minimum standard of learning conditions could barely be achieved. Together we can transform the poor learning conditions of the “Abu El-Soud School” to attracting and interactive ones. __________________________________


Stage 1:

Landscape Architecture design and executive drawing stage: The students are asked to deliver landscape design for the whole school of Abu El-Soud focus on both the hardscape designs and the outdoor furniture. These designs are including the main courtyard area as well as the backyard area for the pre-school section. Detailed and executive drawings will be also delivered.

Stage 2:

The programme includes an implementation workshop after the selection of the best projects. A certain number of the winners will be invited to participate in the implementation workshop. The implementation should start by the mid of July. German as well as Egyptian experts will accompany the whole workshop and the implementation phase. __________________________________ 



The registration will be at Urban Design & Planning Department, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University.


The registration is open from Wednesday 10th of February to Monday 22nd of February.  Registration hours every day from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Bring with you the following:

  1. Copies of Student ID + Personal ID of ALL MEMBERS of the TEAM.

  2. The Registration fees.

  3. You will get from us:

  • Application Form: to be filled in at the registration office.

  • Declaration sheets to be signed by the team representative.

We recommend that the team representative go personally for the registration to sign the application form and the declarations personally. Who can register? Multi-Disciplinary team-members: at least one of the team members must be undergraduate students from architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture departments, however, multi discipline team members are wished. The registration is open only for teams (individual registration are not legible). the team must be not less than 3 members and not more than 5 members. Team formation:

  1. Number of first grade students participating from all disciplines is limited to one member per team.

  2. Only one of the team members should be defined as the team representative and should be a verified student.

Registration Fees: 500 EGP **Registration fees count per team and not per person and it will be put in the expense of paying nonacademic work and for construction and implementation of EZBET project



  • The digital documents including the drawings of the school will be given to the applicants lately on Wednesday 17th of February.

  • Deadline of final submission is Saturday 30 of April 2016

  • Jury committee meeting will be on Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd of Mai 2016

  • Announcement of the winners during the first week of Mai 2016



First Prize : 5000 EGP  Second Prize : 3000 EGP Third Prize : 2000 EGP Two other Special Mention Prizes / Moral Awards : 1000 EGP


***Certified Certificates of Participation from University of Stuttgart & Ain shams University will be handed out to all participated teams who successfully submitted their projects. ***Special Certificates of Appreciation will be handed out to the winners along with the prizes. Partners: Ain Shams University, Cairo Stuttgart University, Stuttgart DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer AustauchDienst) For further inquiries please contact us via

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