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EZBET in Stuttgart Summer Festival

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

EZBET Project is participating in Sommerfest der Kulturen 2018. The Summer Festival of Cultures is the largest intercultural festival in southern Germany. EZBET Information about the project will be available to everyone who will be attending the festival.

The event is organized by Forum der Kulturen Stuttgart. Mini workshops and activities will be shared with kids and adults. Don‘t forget to pass by our info-desk- 17th, 18th and 22nd of July.

EZBET Project is an academic initiative fully supported by the DAAD-Programme. The project’s academic backbone is the department of International Urbanism at Städtebau Institut (SI). The novelty of the project lies in its aim to provide the basic urban and social facilities in the informal areas in Cairo through engaging three main Stakeholders in development activities; 1) multi-disciplinary students and academics, 2) EZBET residents, and 3) governmental and non-governmental organizations. EZBET focuses on three main pillars; education, health and profession; as main keys for sustainable community development. Working hand in hand with local communities, the project helps to empower local residents and students to be part of the decision making process; upgrading their world without changing its logic, culture or identity.

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