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Active Participation in the Twin-Cities Program, City of Stuttgart

As part of the active partnership and intensive connection to the twin cities program, the International Office of the Lord Mayor of the State Capital Stuttgart is organizing an international meeting this year as part of the urban future conference week, to which all partner-cities are invited to Stuttgart. The EZBET project team is invited as a representative of the partnership between Cairo and Stuttgart.

Eng. Mahmoud ElSalamouny (from EZBET Site Engineering Team) will give a presentation entitled "Excursion to Culture and Identity of Cairo Slums." The talk will provide an overview of how the 2018 international exhibition was structured and technically implemented using recycled- and environmental friendly materials presenting the methodology of informal settlement development in the global south. It foreshadows how the exhibition demonstrated the culture and identity of spaces in informal settlements (slums) in Cairo and their atmosphere, inspired by the lives of local communities in Egypt, and places it into the context of the exhibition venue, which was held in Stuttgart, Germany.

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