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TRIALOG ANNUAL CONFERENCE | 2021 PANEL XI Friday 24th of September 2021 @17:00 (CEST)


Grassroots civil society movements led by “women” from different contexts of

injustice and marginalisation have proven over time to bring positive community outcomes.

In contrast, the Western (i.e. European-influenced) development paradigm,

which aims to modernise “developing” countries, usually has negative consequences

by affecting local people or communities and alienating people from their culture and

traditions. In addition, their basic development problems are not solved. The sense of

loss of identity, marginalisation and injustice causes people to organise and fight for

their existence, rights and identity.

The panel will present successful examples and stories of “women” in the Global

South as a grassroots movement. Women take the main responsibility for building

community-based organisations to address these violations and the other development

challenges. The discussion will highlight: the motivations that drive women to

participate in such movements; the challenges they face in raising their voices; the

areas of action (education, mobilising other women or their children, economic, community

empowerment, spatial development, etc.); whether men are also part of the

movement; and the different qualities that women bring to the development process.

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