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Project Partners


University of Stuttgart

Te University o Stuttgart is responsible for providing professional and academic consultancy for the project. From its’ distanced-position, faculty of International Urbanism in collaboration with other institutes, offers deeper knowledge for the technical and theoretical aspects.

Ain Shams University


Ain Shams University is representing the academic and research institution specialized in informality issues. They ensure and coordinate the scientific and theoretical input for the project as well as the technical application aspects for real projects to be implemented.

Technical Partners


The German Society for International Cooperation are EZBET's technical Partners, they support us by providing capacity building on participatory development for EZBET’s Team as well as provide technical advice regarding the selection of new working areas for EZBET Project.


Former Partners



The German Academic Exchange Service has been supporting international students as well as academic projects. Their main role for the past three years was the financial support of the project. They were the initial supporters of the project in 2013 and have provided EZBET with a continuous fund from 2015 to 2018.

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