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EZBET Education Pillar


Education Sustainable Development Pillar

Serving the community is our main goal and education is a vital element of our message. Education is consequently one of the three pillars EZBET works on. Our goals for education development are firmly based on issues facing education in Egypt, as well as a strong belief in the importance of education in the development of communities. Education is a vital element of our message serving the community. With the fact that the quality of educational institutions and services in Egypt and especially for such vulnerable communities, EZBET addresses these problems.

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Supporting and promoting early childhood education through developing young children’s capabilities and innovative ideas.

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Providing equal educational opportunities for all, regardless of their gender, age, social class or area of residence.

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Preventing child exploitation and abuse.

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Protecting children’s rights; particularly their rights to learn and play.

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Supporting children’s rights to continue their education as well as decreasing school dropout rates.

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Ensuring that children with special needs have equal educational opportunities and encouraging them to lead normal lives.

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Improving the quality of schools and education.

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Teaching children innovation, creativity and good workmanship as an integral part of their working habits and behaviours.

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Establishing Arabic language skills as a base to reinforce the national identity.

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Strengthening self- learning skills in order to achieve a community that is continuously learning.

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Developing the concept of “aesthetic appreciation” in children.

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